15 confirmed dead after volcano eruption in DRC

DRC Government authorities have now reported at least 15 people have been killed after the eruption of Mount Nyiragongo volcano.

The eruption occurred on Saturday night in the north-eastern province of North Kivu.

Government spokesman Patrick Muyaya said that the 15 people were killed while fleeing the threats of lava.

He further urged residents to avoid non-essential activities while seismic activity in the area could still cause damage.

DRC authorities have not yet released the assessed collateral damage caused by the eruption.

Helicopters of the UN peacekeeping mission in the DRC made constant reconnaissance flights over the crater after the volcano eruption to closely monitor the situation.

Local residents started returning to their homes in abandoned neighborhoods overnight.

Most residents tried to salvage the debris of their property.

However UNICEF officials said more than 170 children were still feared missing on Sunday.

They were organizing transit centers to help unaccompanied children in the wake of the disaster.

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