748 air offers daily flights to and from Nairobi and Kisumu

748 air services have extended their service offering by launching two day daily flights to and from Nairobi to Kisumu.

The Nairobi-Kisumu route is among three other routes the airline will be launching in the coming months.

The airline chairman Ahmed Jibril said they are targeting tourism and business travelers.

This as the country returns to normalcy after movement restriction was hoisted to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“We felt this is the right time given that we have remained open, given that we have the capacity and the assets to deploy between Kisumu, Mombasa and Malindi.”

“It is a log term planning, taking advantage of the gaps that are there and also to see how we can recover from covid-19.” Ahmed said.

The 47 carrier airline will be moving from Kisumu international airport at 7:30 in the morning and 4:30 in the evening from Nairobi’s JKIA.

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