President Kenyatta advocates for more Kenyan-American partnerships

President Uhuru Kenyatta has advocated for more partnerships between kenyan and american small medium enterprises.

Speaking during a virtual US chamber of congress global leaders forum on Economic recovery, President Kenyatta said the move will unlock investment opportunities which will be beneficial to both parties as well.

“This is where the real opportunity lies. This is not to say that we are telling the big boys not to come in, they are already here. The big corporates are already here.

“But they don’t have the capacity to propel inclusive growth as the small and medium enterprises that have a much greater capacity of affecting lives and changing the livelihoods at the grassroots level,” President Kenyatta said.

He added that the enterprises are the backbone of the Kenyan economy.

The President said Kenya is keen on concluding negotiations for the free trade agreement with the US.

He further underscored the importance of the private sector in Kenya’s economic growth and job creation.

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