No more space for India to conduct cremation

Police in India’s capital Delhi have asked local authorities to identify more sites for cremations as the new wave of the virus has overwhelmed hospitals, morgues and crematoriums.

The total number of Covid cases passed 18 million on Thursday with 386,452 infections recorded setting the highest record in the world.

The ministry of health said oxygen, medicine and hospital beds continue to be in short supply, with people making pleas on social media to find some for their loved ones.

India’s central government is facing mounting criticism of its handling of the pandemic, and for allowing election rallies and religious festivals to go ahead.

The United States has told its citizens to leave India as soon as possible as the country battles a devastating coronavirus wave being the highest advisory of its kind issued by the Department of State.

India reported 379,257 new infections as of being the world’s highest single-day total.

The US embassy warned that “access to all types of medical care is becoming severely limited”.

The overall death toll in India officially surpassed 200,000 on Wednesday, though experts believe the actual number could be much higher.

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