UK study breaks link between Covid infections and deaths

Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson [Photo: New York Times]

Scientists tracking the COVID-19 pandemic have now given an Increasingly strong evidence showing that the UK’s vaccination program is breaking the link between Covid-19 cases and deaths.

A study by Imperial College London found that infections had fallen by roughly two-thirds since February, before beginning to level off speculatively because interactions are beginning to be more, however fatalities have not followed the same pattern.

The research was based on swabs taken from 140,000 people selected to represent England’s population.

Of that group of people who tested for Covid between 11th and 30th March, 227 had a positive result, giving a rate of 0.2%.

However in people over the age of 65, the infection rate was half that with one in 1,000 people testing positive for Covid.

Professor Stephen Riley at Imperial College London said, during the roughly three-week period to the end of March, cases were just about flat.

This means the epidemic is level but not receding.

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