Bishop Peter Ambuka blames President Uhuru for the rise in COVID-19 infections

Pefa Church Bishop has criticized President Uhuru Kenyatta for the decision that imposed severe restrictions on businesses and movement in the counties of nairobi, Kiambu, nakuru , kajiado and machakos counties to curb the spread of coronavirus.

At a service in Pefa church in Kahawa West area, Nairobi, Bishop Peter Ambuka said that when infection rates slowed late last year, President Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga restarted their campaign to change the constitution, which attracted huge crowds.

He said, “Mr. President, you and your fellow politicians are to blame for this devastating third wave of Covid-19 infections in the country. And the buck stops with you.”

He added, “When the pandemic started we joined you and endured the lockdown with you. We endured job losses, businesses were closed, livelihoods were taken away in the hope of normalcy.”

He added that the latest measures introduced by the president were insufficient and were likely to keep Kenyans in a cycle of lockdowns and curfews.

He said that the majority of Kenyans now have to suffer the consequences of their careless actions.

He said, “We do this as you continue leaving your lavish lifestyle thanks to the taxes we continue to pay even as we lose jobs due to the pandemic.”

He added that testing in the five counties should have been of help rather than imposing the lockdown. He said, “Mr. President you cannot eradicate this virus by lockdowns. Massive testing and vaccination are what will help.”

His criticism come after the Head of State ordered a cessation of movement in the five counties.

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