Bolt introduces eco-friendly rides to reduce its ecological footprint

March,11th,2021 Bolt has introduced a new ride category on its platform dubbed Bolt Green, which offers eco-friendly rides as the company moves towards reducing its ecological footprint. 

The category will have hybrid and electric cars, to reduce emissions during trips taken on the Bolt platform thus offering greener transport options.

It will attract similar rates as the Bolt Base category, with a minimum transportation fee of 300 Sh. Passengers will enjoy the privilege of choosing a cab of their choice at no extra cost.

We continue to scale up our operations for the benefit of our customers and the communities in which we operate. Having electric and hybrid vehicles on our platform is a step towards ensuring environmentally conscious ways for people to move around in the city and reduce our ecological footprint,” Country manager Ola Akinnusi said.

The new category also aims at expanding Bolts ride options thereby creating more economic opportunities for drivers and providing passengers with more options to choose from.”

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