Cost of maize flour set to rise after ban on maize imports

March, 9th, 2021 Kenyans might have to spend an extra coin to pay for maize flour, following last week’s ban on the importation of the grain from Uganda and Tanzania on safety concerns.

According to Kello Harsama, The Agriculture and Food Authority acting director, tests on maize samples obtained from shipments from the two countries, showed unacceptable levels of poison.

Test results for maize imported from Tanzania and Uganda have revealed high levels of mycotoxins that are consistently beyond safety limits,” he said.

A number of analysts in the country now predict that the ban will lead to a shortage even as it pits Kenya against it neighbours in what is likely to cause another trade war.

Dozen of trucks ferryingt he maize into the countryare stranded at the Namanga border, days after the country effected the ban.

Tanzanian authorities have taken offense with the ban arguing that the Kenyan researchers should have notified them of the abnormality before going public with the matter.

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