Wycliffe Bible translators targets 2000 more languages despite COVID 19 pandemic

Wycliffe Bible Translators says the COVID-19 pandemic displaced some of its staff but that the urgent work continues as 1.5 billion people still do not have the full Bible available in their language.

Wycliffe is currently working on 2,700 language projects in 167 countries, with 2,000 more languages that need a Bible translation.

President John Chesnut said  that the pandemic has proved to be a slight disruption to its work but has also helped staff get ahead.

“How can a church be planted, how can disciples be made, how can evangelism take place if scripture is not available in a language or form that people can understand?” said Chesnut.

Since Wycliffe began Bible translation work in 1951, it has provided scriptures for more than 500 languages.

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