KEBS licenses use of LPG in cars in aims to flatten high motorist expenditures

Feb 26th 2021- Kenya Bureau of Standards has certified companies that will convert cars to use Liquified Petroleum Gas, saying the hybrid system is safe to run cars in the country. Coming at a time prices of petrol have soared to new heights, the move is seen as a much needed signal towards LPG run vehicles, from the traditional petrol and diesel.

It is estimated that cars using LPG are 40 percent more efficient and cheaper to operate that petrol prices. refueling a car with LPG will cost consumers almost half for the same kilometers travelled with petrol.

“We have certified companies that can convert diesel and petrol vehicles to be able to use LPG,” Said KEBS managing director Bernard Njiraini. He said, they have carefully inspected the product allaying fears by motorists over the fact that the gas is highly flammable.

The technology is expected to gain early adopters from taxi operators who will realize significant savings in their businesses. The high cost of electric vehicles, high import duty regime and their rare supply in developing markets could force to reengineer their cars for LPG.

Prices of crude have risen sharply in the world following the reopening of economies and production cuts after producer countries suffered recessions after prices collapsed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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