NHIF propose new healthcare measures

Feb 19th 2021- Households will soon make a compulsory Sh500 contribution to NHIF as the State lines up a health cover for all Kenyans.

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani said each household would part with Sh6,000 annually to be enrolled in a universal health coverage scheme for outpatient and inpatient services, including maternity, dialysis, cancer treatment and surgery.

The planned mandatory NHIF membership for all Kenyans will be an upgrade of the current scheme where only workers in the formal sector are compelled to join.

“Government focus is on the establishment of a mandatory UHC scheme to be managed by NHIF and regulated by the Ministry of Health and act as the national scheme for all persons resident in Kenya, notwithstanding one’s social status,” Ukur Yatani said in a Budget Policy Statement.

He also added that focus is on provision of health insurance cover to initially one million households who are vulnerable and unable to meet even that low-cost premium. The identification of these one million households by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, and the counties across the entire country has already begun.

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