Ethiopia accuse Sudan of fueling conflict in Tigray

The Ethiopian government has accused Sudan of provoking a conflict between the two countries which have seen a rise in tension due to a border dispute.

Clashes erupted late last year over an area of fertile land settled by Ethiopian farmers that Sudan says lies in its territory.

In a statement, Ethiopia’s ministry of foreign affairs accused what it called the military wing of the Sudanese government of escalating tensions and pushing the two countries into a war.

This escalation of tension comes at a time when Ethiopia’s stability is under strain due to the conflict in the northern Tigray region.

Ethiopia is also in a tussle with Egypt over the construction of a dam that will interrupt the water at the nile river.

Last year a deadline of 15 January was set to solve the long-standing impasse but the latest round of talks, ended in deadlock.

When complete, the Grand Renaissance Dam, which Ethiopia is building, will be Africa’s biggest hydroelectric power plant.

Its construction began in 2011 on the Blue Nile tributary in the northern Ethiopia highlands, from where 85% of the Nile’s waters flow.

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