Speed, action and drama! This film has it all! If you have watched any one of these Fast and furious movies you know that their well selected cast always brings out the wit and emotional roller-coaster in the film. Tyrese Gibson is almost always clueless and Tej Parker (Ludacris) is always fly; cool calm and collected. But this time, the trailer has revealed that the ring leader, Vin Diesel, has finally found his match!

It has become a whole family affair. Vin Diesel’s long lost brother has resurfaced! He is the absolute match of Vin Diesel. He is macho, ruthless and very skilled in the art of war and driving. Apparently the brothers have a love-hate relationship and they need to take each other out. Question is, does Vin Diesel have the stomach to take out his own flesh and blood? Here comes the extra piece of information that makes everything even more juicy… His brother is none other than John Cena! That’s right… the wrestling legend turned brilliant actor.

Photo from : Variety

The rush, the thrill and the suspense has been maintained throughout the years. The love story between Vin Diesel and his girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez has taken twists and turns but they are still together in this film. We suggest you get your movie ticket money ready, get yourself a date for the movies and be ready for 26th May 2021 (Release date)

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