DR Congo to dismiss speaker of Senate

Feb, 3rd 2021 – A senator in the Democratic Republic of Congo has filed a petition for the dismissal of speaker Alexis Thambwe Mwamba. Mr. Thambwe is an ally of former President Joseph Kabila.

Of the Senate’s 100 members, more than 60 have demanded the resignation of Kabila ally and upper house leader Alexis Thambwe. This is in a letter addressed to the office of the Senate and signed by Senator Valentin Gerengo M’vene.

77-year-old Thambwe, a veteran politician who recently was minister of Justice said, “If those who gave us the mandate decide to withdraw it, I will leave without any problem.”

However, the letter did not explain the reason they want to remove Thambwe. Two senators who were asked said that the move was linked to corruption allegations.

His ouster will be seen as the latest setback for Kabila loyalties. This is after the Prime Minister’s resignation in January and removal of the lower house of parliament’s speaker last year December.

Last Tuesday, the senate’s office turned down a request by the Public Prosecutor to open an investigation into the withdrawal of three cheques worth more than $3 million on behalf of the senate from the Commercial Bank of Congo on the 6th of January. These were later handled by Thambwe. Thambwe said, “These funds went into the treasury. There was no misappropriation on my part.”

The Senate is set to open its extraordinary session next week Tuesday with only one item on the agenda, namely the examination and adoption in the second reading, of the bill ratifying the African Continental Free Trade Area.

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