Ugandan troops withdraw from opposition leader’s home

Jan, 26th 2021 – Ugandan troops have withdrawn from around the home of opposition leader and pop star Bobi Wine, ending his house arrest since the January 14 election, won by long-serving President Yoweri Museveni.

The withdrawal of security forces, which the government had said were for Bobi Wine’s protection, complied with a court order on Monday.

Speaking to journalists, Wine said, “It has been an experience of isolation, of torture, of humiliation, having our compound turned into a military garrison.”

He added, “Having our employees traumatized, beaten, an experience of hunger. We were not allowed to access our garden. But again, it has been a reminder that we can overcome any kind of stress.”

President Museveni was declared the winner with 59 percent of votes against  35 percent for Bobi Wine.  The opposition rejected the result, alleging fraud which the government denies.

Despite the end of his house arrest, reports say that a helicopter circled low over Wine’s home. However, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire said, “That is normal, nothing to worry about. Police can fly its helicopters anywhere it wants.”

In his address, he lamented saying, “I was born free and I am free. Only that I am everywhere in chains. As you saw, while the court ordered the police to vacate our premises, you still have police and military helicopters, over us.”

“General Museveni is reading from the same script as all dictators,” he added.

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