KUPPET supports the abolishing of boarding schools

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has asked the government to do away with boarding schools. The union says, the institutions implicate the duty of parenting to the teachers aside from teaching.

KUPPET secretary-general Akelo Misori says the Teachers Service Commission should take into consideration that those teachers working in boarding schools have greater workload. This is in comparison to those working in day schools.

We are going to lobby the policymakers to ensure that most of our schools are day schools. We find it unacceptable to give teachers unnecessary workload as they have to sure the students are comfortable in schools,” he said.

Should the government fail to heed to the plea, the secretary General threatens to have those teachers withdrawn.

Nevertheless, the government is receiving this plea for the second time. Previously, The Competency-based curriculum task force had urged the government to do away with boarding schools.

Furthermore, this proposal was informed by incidences of school fires in various schools.

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