Guinea Opposition Champions Jubilates after Government Overthrown by Military

Guineans opposition members jubilates [photo: Aljazeera]

Guinea opposition supporters take to the streets in jubilation over the overthrowing of the government by the military.

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya of the Guinea military said in a video recorded in the capital Conakry that the National Assembly has been dissolved. This comes after the states capital city, was on Sunday, maned by the soldiers as several gunshots sounded.

Guinea president Alpha Conde [photo: BBC]

President Alpha Conde being held by  soldiers, he was subsequently shoved into a vehicle and driven away. In a video that has since surfaced online, showing the president barefoot on a sofa surrounded by the armed soldiers.

This comes after the president made his way into a third term in office, as opposed to a constitutional two terms as a president, consequently having his popularity go down in drain ever since, stating that the law did not apply to him .

The country’s borders were closed and its constitution was declared invalid in the announcement read aloud on state television by Mamadi , who stated to Guineans saying that the duty of a soldier is to save the country.  

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