(Walter Isaacson, Quote Fancy)

What makes you believe in God? What makes you believe that God is real? That He is your sole provider- the only one you can run to? He who has an over pouring love for you…

I asked myself these questions after having a candid conversation with a friend. Let’s call him Steve. Steve doesn’t believe in God, at least not any more. He was born in a Christian home and always attended church, but it got to a point where he wondered why He worshipped God. Was it because his mother made him do so? Was it because he actually believed that there was a supreme being catering for his every need, a being that created him in His own image and likeness?

Steve decided and still decides daily, (until further notice I believe) to believe that a Supreme being doesn’t exist. It couldn’t be possible. We went on to try and prove to each other why we were both right, in our own jurisdiction, a conversation that was barely conclusive. He asked me an interesting question, ‘How can you prove that God exists?

Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

John 20:29

I thought silently for a while. I believe He exists because I have experienced Him, His love, His mercy, His providence countless of times, mostly when I didn’t deserve it. There are times I have been so heartbroken and I cried with such a pain and he comforted me, took my pain away. There are times I have not seen the relevance of my existence, and He found me and reassured me. There are very many reasons I can give but experiencing God in whatever way or level is the best thing there ever is. I hope that everyone gets to consciously experience this.

Creation. The universe composes of space, time , matter and energy. All these components come together in an orderly manner. It is impossible to have all this happen out of happenstance.

DNA. DNA is a precise message that dictates how cells behave. This message is written in a special language that utilizes a unique alphabet. Alphabets and languages do not suddenly appear out of nowhere. Nature does not randomly generate coherent instructional messages. These things emanate from a mind that wants to convey specific information to intended recipients. (God will surely come to your aid, 2021)

So, what proves to you that God exists? When you’re down and lonely, what assures you that He is still there? How have you experienced God? And if you haven’t experienced Him, how would you hope to do so?

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