Church groups offer help to Haitian families affected by an earthquake

[Photo: UNICEF]

5 church groups have come together to offer help to approximately 25,000 families affected by the recent severe earthquake in Haiti.

The groups which are the charity arm of Bishop T.D. Jakes’, The Potter’s House United MegaCARE, the humanitarian group of The Potter’s House, Perfecting Faith Church of New York and Tabernacle of Glory in Miami say they seek to provide relief to Haitians in need.

Their objective is to meet the immediate need following both the 7.2 magnitude earthquake earlier this month and Tropical Storm Grace.

Phase 1 relief includes supplying tents, non-perishable food and other emergency supplies.

Phase 2 relief efforts are in development to an additional on-site assessment of the people, their needs and future requirements. 

We’re currently focused on helping offset the cost of relief kits (and efforts) currently underway with our partners on-the-ground in Haiti and partners making their way to Haiti,” stated T.D. Jakes Ministries.

United MegaCARE said they will shipping the supplies by the end of this month, “Our financial contributions to our team members on the ground in Haiti is part of our Phase 1 relief efforts. Supplies like tents, PPE, non-perishable food and emergency supplies are all part of the kits being developed.”

Earlier this month, Haiti experienced a magnitude 7.2 earthquake, with Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency saying the current death toll at 2,200, and over 300 persons missing.

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