Same Kind of Different as Me: A Compelling Story

Genre:  Drama

Casts: Greg Kinnear, Renée Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou

Ratings: 7/10

Released Date (Streaming): 30 November 2017

It’s a feel-good movie [ Courtesy: Church Leaders ]

“Same Kind of Different as Me” is a top nominee for the Nice Movie of 2017, in that it just wants to exist and be kind when not trying to extract tears from its audience like test subjects. Spiritually, it feels relatively tame compared to other religious movies, as it doesn’t proclaim that “Heaven is For Real” or “God’s Not Dead,” but it does use the Bible as a moral compass on its bland journey of selflessness.

The movie is about a successful businessman Ron Hall and his wife, Deborah, who discover a renewed sense of purpose when they begin to volunteer at a local mission in Fort Worth, Texas. Their lives change forever when they develop an unlikely friendship with Denver Moore, a homeless man who inspires them to save their struggling marriage.

The beginning of a dutiful friendship [ Chicago Suns- Times ]

Thumbs up: It’s a feel-good movie worth watching with great lessons. The actors are top-notch as the message is loud and clear.

Thumbs down: Some parts of the movie are slow-paced.

It’s not your everyday cliche movie, therefore we recommend you to watch and enjoy it.

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