Public health officials call for the collection of unclaimed corpses

Nakuru county government has issued a 21-day notice to the public for the collection of unclaimed bodies at the Nakuru county Municipal mortuary.

The county’s public health officer, George Gachumba, says 26 adult unclaimed bodies together with 20 unknown foetuses are lying in the mortuary for more than 3 months.

Meanwhile in Nairobi, residents have a maximum 7-days, to identify and collect 418 unclaimed bodies at the Kenyatta National hospital.

In a notice, Pursuant to Public Health Ac Cap 242 ( Subsidiary Legislation1991), “The 418 unclaimed bodies lying at the KNH Farewell Home from the date of admission are awaiting collection. Interested members of the public are asked to identify and collect the bodies”.

Should interested persons fail to identify and claim the bodies, the facility shall seek authority to dispose the bodies.

This will be a re-run of 2003 and 2006, where the City Mortuary disposed of 2,500 unclaimed bodies.

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