Jubilee to hold party elections in search of fresh leadership

The Jubilee party has caved to pressure to hold party elections and inject fresh leadership into the embattled party.

The party is on a revival plan where for the first time it will elect its officials.

This move is construed as edging out interim officials accused of weakening the party and influencing an exodus of members.

Jubilee has suffered a streak of losses in recent by-elections.

This has also been seen as the beginning of the sunset days for the party’s secretary General, Raphael Tuju and the Vice chairperson David Murathe.

Meanwhile, The Vice Chairperson together with Eldas Mp are calling for vote counting in the Kiambaa by-election.

The party is expressing dissatisfaction with the management of the by-election.

Adan Keynan, claims victory even after their candidate Kariri Njama lost to UDA’s Njuguna Wanjiku.

Wanjiku won with 21,773 votes with Njama garnering 21,263 votes.

Njama will however not concede defeat, and suggests a contest of the results in court.

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