Kenya and Uganda economy will recover faster from COVID-19 pandemic-Deloitte

Deloitte audit shows that  Kenya and Uganda’s economy will recover faster at 6.3 percent this year.

According to the audit report the two East African countries will recover from slower growth of 0.6 percent and negative 2.1 percent.

Tanzania’s growth forecast has been slashed to 2.7 percent from 4.8 per cent projected last year. 

Ethiopia and Rwanda are expected to grow by four percent and 3.2 per cent respectively from slower growth last year of 3.5 per cent and negative 0.2 per cent.

The outlook projects recovery to be accelerated by tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors which were greatly hit by Covid-19. 

Inflation in the region rose in 2020 due to rising food prices driven by the locust invasion and floods which affected local agricultural production.

Covid-19 pandemic ravaged through economies globally with far-reaching effects witnessed across several sectors.

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