Church goers eager to return to in person worship as COVID-19 restrictions ease in US

A new research shows that most American churchgoers are ready to get back to the pews as COVID 19 restrictions ease down.

34% said they planned to return and  this figure rose to nearly three quarters (73%) among those who said they used to attend church at least once a month before the pandemic. 

socializing was clearly a top priority for many respondents, with visiting friends and family number one on the list (83%). 

This was followed by recreational shopping for non-essential items (81%), and going to a  restaurant (63%). 

The study was conducted by the Associated Press and researchers at the University of Chicago, and was based on interviews with 1,125 adult Americans in June. 

The relaxation of state restrictions removes capacity limits and physical distancing requirements, but businesses , churches   and local governments can choose to still impose them or require proof of vaccination.

According to the California Department of public health , masks are not required for fully vaccinated individuals except on public transit.

Masks will also be required indoors at schools and childcare facilities, health care settings, prisons, homeless shelters, emergency shelters and cooling centers.

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