MPs call on treasury ahead of budget reading tomorrow

Homabay county MP Gladys Wanga has called on the treasury to fund the KRA more to net more taxpayers.

Speaking at the budget committee report, Wanga said the move will help the country fund its own project and reduce its external debt.

Wanga is also the chair of the finance committee.

Nominated MP David Ole Sankok protested the slashing of the budget for people with disability.

He alleged that the move was due to his latest political allegiance to the Tanga Tanga side of the Jubilee Party. 

The MPs will debate the budget report and pass it this evening ahead of the budget statement presentation by CS Ukur Yatani .

Meanwhile Treasury CS Ukur Yatani is under fire as he prepares to present the budget statement on Thursday. 

The council of governors now say that 105.9  billion shillings should be released to counties before the financial year concludes.

Council chair Martin Wambora says the delay has hampered projects in the counties with little time remaining to use the expected funds. 

The governors now say they will be forced to shut down some services in the county due to lack of funds.

The Treasury  CS also faces a hostile national assembly with MPs claiming that CDF funds for the current financial year are yet to be fully released. 

CS Yatani is expected to present a budget statement of 3.6 trillion shillings tomorrow in a joint sitting of parliament.

Meanwhile Kenyans have given their different thoughts regarding their expectations for the reading.

Many want the government to allocate the resources purposefully and to regulate tax reductions.

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