Gulf energy LTD sues Rubis claiming Sh.4b refund

A Sh.4.1 billion legal dispute has erupted between the French multinational Rubis, and Gulf energy Holdings LTD.

The feud regards Gulf energy’s value in the 2019 buyout deal.

Rubis energy is said to have recovered information relating to Gulf through forensic data recovery specialists.

A court petition supported by the affidavit of Gulf Energy Chief Executive Francis Njogu, states that Rubis also reformatted laptops of former employees.

Rubis then demanded at least Sh4.4 billion from Gulf energy as a result of the recovered data.

Gulf energy now wants the court to declare Rubis Energy has violated its rights to privacy, rights of access to information that includes working papers allegedly used for the preparation of the KPMG report and the 2029 specific accounts. in addition, its audited financial statements for the financial years 2016,/ 17 and 18 illegal.

Moreover, the firm is also seeking to restrain Rubis from using the information retrieved from the servers and laptops of employees as well as damages for violation of the rights listed.

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