GUESS WHO’S BACK? : The return of the Gospel fathers!

Once upon a time, we had Kambi Kristo comprising of Sakata Music Artists, headlined by SK Blue, Rufftone, Daddy Owen, Porqupine and many more.

Many claimed the gospel music industry in Kenya is slowly dying but with how 2021 has started, from Moji Short Baba and Guardian Angel releasing EPs to major artists releasing singles like Mercy Masika to Bern, the future seems so promising.

On Sunday, 30th May 2021, Daddy Owen took to his social media platforms to announce that he is working on a new album. “Studio time! Working on my new album. 6th Album!! Kudance kuanzia mwanzo hadi mwisho. System ni moja tu na mnaijua!” He wrote.

The award-winning gospel singer, Owen Mwatia, better known as Daddy Owen, has been on and off the industry. It’s yet to be known who he will collabo with and when the Balance CEO will release the album. But the news was received with great excitement from not only his fans and followers but also other personalities.

In other stories, another MTV MAMAs Award winner is on the verge of returning to the music industry. This vibrant and energetic man made his debut late in the late 90s with a group called ‘The Chiefs’.

Exclusively talking to Pearl Radio, Dunco Atalaku stressed how much he is jubilant about releasing his upcoming projects. Duncan Kiama also known as Mr. Tobina is working on a collaboration with Kriss Erro & Lydia Ndwiga.

” My 1st jam will drop soon na inaitwa ‘ndondi’, produced by Yo Alex.” Dunco shared.

Apart from working on his music projects, he has been mentoring his younger brother called Tosh. In just one month, his brother ventured into music with two jams dubbed ‘Ngoko’ and ‘RIP Kiama’.

“Expect a different person. Expect different genres,” Atalaku stressed.

Hip-Hop maybe? Rock? House music?

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