All parties in the BBI appeal case directed not to comment outside court – Justice Musinga

The court of appeal judge Daniel Musinga has asked all the appellants and the respondents to the BBI case to refrain from commenting on the case outside the court.

Issuing the directions, Justice Musinga who presided over the management of the appeal lodged by the BBI proponents, said the court should be allowed to make fair judgment without external influence. 

He added that the case is sensitive and has a lot of public interest tied to it.

The directive came after Katiba Institute Lawyer Dudley Ochiel raised the concern, after President Uhuru Kenyatta in his speech on Madaraka day made comments on the court ruling on the BBI.

Lawyer Ochiel told the three judge bench that the comments by the president amounted to contempt of court .

In his comments President Uhuru on Madaraka day was categorical that the BBI was initiated by the public and he acted in his capacity to ensure public interest in protected.

The president further said that he will always obey court orders but called on the court to look at the spirit of the law and not just the letter.

Justice Musinga has also directed that all parties in the case file their submissions ready for the hearing that will begin on 29th of June into the month of July.

And in the appeal , the president, ODM Raila Odinga and the attorney general want the appeals court to set aside the ruling of the high court that declared the BBI process unconstitutional, null and void.

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