CS Magoha to review corporal punishment laws in schools

Jan 29th 2021 – Education CS George Magoha is set to review and overturn regulations that outlawed corporal punishment in schools. If successful, caning could find its way back to schools to deal with unruly students. He said students expelled from schools for grave misconduct, may as well forget about education, directing that they should not be admitted to other schools.

Speaking on the matter in Kisii county, he said “Learners will not Commit crimes and walk scot-free, we must curb the situation before it worsens. if learners burn a building or do something wrong, they must be caned hence need t give teachers the power to punish them.”

Magoha also said the government will test students to weed out drug use, which he says is partly contributing to the unrest in schools. further to this, the ministry of education is working with the Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to ensure children who commit crimes are investigated even after school.

According to Magoha, those who will be found guilty of burning schools will pay the cost of rebuilding them through their parents. He said this in reference to the announcement by the DCI that it will create a database of student criminals, with such information being used against them in the future.

Speaking on behalf of the church Cardinal Tobias Okumu, of the Bethel Church of East Africa, maintained that the government policy to abolish corporal punishment in schools had allowed the rampant indiscipline to thrive among learners.

Teachers and boards of management have since been asked to discipline students after he accused some parents of failing in their role. Prof Magoha said teachers should be proactive in ensuring students follow rules set by their schools.

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