Covid-19 vaccine: Kenya to pay sh770 per dose

Jan, 28th 2021 – Kenya has secured sh43 billion, for the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines at sh770 per dose. Health Chief Administrative Secretary Mercy Mwangangi, said the country has raised sh19.7 billion through Gavi-Covax, the vaccine alliance.

Gavi is set to deliver Covid-19 vaccines to 92 developing countries including Kenya, through Covax. The remaining sh23 billion will be obtained through a World Bank credit line and exchequer financing which will be expected to cover 40 percent of Kenya’s population. Dr. Mwangangi said, “The payment will apply to whatever Covid-19 vaccine we get.”

Dr. Mwangangi said the country would use at least two mechanisms to secure the vaccines. These are Africa Centres for Disease Control (Africa CDC) route and Covax. She however added that frontline workers have not yet received their shots, due to the unavailability of the vaccines and not resources. She said, “If 40 percent of Kenyans can get the vaccine, then we should be approaching the herd immunity.”

According to the Ministry of Health, the vaccination campaign will start next month and will be in three phases. The first phase, according to Dr. Mwangangi is expected to take six months. It will involve 1.2 million frontline staff including teachers, security officers, and health care workers. She said, “These people have a high probability of transmitting the virus since they interact with Kenyans daily.”

The second phase is set to target 5.1 million people who are above the age of 50 years as the third phase will focus on people with chronic illnesses. Dr. Mwangangi said, “We are also looking at financing logistics and the implementation of the drive; how we’re going to move the drugs across the country and ensure any adverse effects are identified and dealt with.”

Countries through the African Union will pay sh300 to sh1000 to access the secured vaccines. A deposit of 15 percent of the cost is expected then the balance be paid on a quarterly basis.

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