City on the hill

Just last year, a group of musicians hit our radars and we absolutely loved them! The honesty in their music, the vulnerability in the honesty and the beautiful voices captured our attention right away! The songs “Man of your word” and “Promises” have been making heavy rotations on our airwaves since they were released 9 months ago.

“Promises” has now grossed a sum of 23 million views on YouTube becoming one of their biggest hits! They have done so many collaborations over the span of one year that it is so hard to keep up. They are truly blessed.

Man Of Your Word" by Maverick City Music - 55 Promotion
Photo Credits : 55 Promotion

One thing that stands out is their style of recording. They do most (if not all) of their songs in a room full of worshipers while the videographers get the action in real time. It creates such a great experience for the viewer when you watch the song being performed in such an organic manner.

From around two months ago, they started rolling out recordings that feature UPPERROOM which has made the songs so much richer. They have done more than seven songs together. The most recent one being “I Thank God” which is an awesome upbeat praise song.

If you are not hip to their music then I highly recommend that you go familiarize yourself. Alternatively, you can always catch their music right here on the home of fresh and classic hits.

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