Infotrak ranks healthcare workers as best performers in end-year poll

Jan, 25th 2021 – The latest poll research indicates that the majority of Kenyans think that health workers are the ones who did excellent work at the height of the COVID 19 pandemic.

In the poll conducted by INFOTRAK Kenya, 70 percent ranked the medics as the heroes of the country. The media came in second in the poll on 60 percent and the president ranking 46 percent in approval. The church also got a good approval from Kenyans at 45 percent in their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The majority of Kenyans, about 65%, however, feel that the government didn’t do a good job running the economy. The police were ranked at 45 percent, followed by National Assembly at 39 percent, Senate at 35 percent and County Governments at 31 percent.

In the survey, President Kenyatta was ranked Kenya’s second hero with 12 percent followed by the Ministry of Health at 11 percent. Deputy President William Ruto and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga scored 10 percent and 4 percent respectively.

Kenya has so far recorded 99,898 cases and 1, 740 fatalities.

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