‘Close your Churches to politicians’, Rev. Sammy Wainaina.

Jan, 25th 2021 – The majority of Kenyans have lauded the message of the Anglican Church of Kenya clergyman Rev. Sammy Wainaina regards to the intended referendum brought by the Building bridges initiative better known as the BBI.

In his message, Rev. Wainaina questioned the intentions of the BBI in providing what Kenyans need which will definitely ruffle the political class in the country.

He said, “It is sad that most leaders are motivated by power, influence, and money. It is even grievous when this happens in Churches. The Church then loses her moral authority to challenge corruption and sin. Churches have opened their podiums to politicians to attack their opponents. Reggae must stop in Churches, and I want to tell politicians, In this Cathedral, this podium will never be used by you. Let me tell Christian leaders, close your Churches to politicians, you are going to destroy this country.”

Rev. Wainaina also challenged the both the hustler and the BBI campaigners to focus on the needs of Kenyans and also called out Kenyans who support their tribal leaders in every election cycle.

He said, “And these are some of the things fueling the hustler dynasty narrative. We have money for BBI which will only benefit only a few people at the top. They only want to benefit at the top, so that they can share. We can have money for BBI but we do not have money to build schools, that our children are learning under the trees. then the CS talks about it is good for Oxygen. We cannot lack oxygen in the classrooms.”

To Kenyans, he said, “Let me remind Kenyans when your tribal man becomes the President or takes the top five seats as per the proposal of the BBI, you will remain poor. Ask those tribes that have produced presidents, have they benefited from it? no, they are even poorer. Politicians have their agenda to eat and loot this country. What we need as Kenyans are opportunities for employments, road networks, markets for our produce, quality healthcare, and quality education for every Kenyan. “

The message from the clergy man come even as the political factions in the country continued to trade accusations on who was to blame on the failed economy .

His parting shot was, “If you as a nation, if you are a christian Nation, then, our values should be led by the scripture.”

At the weekend deputy president William ruto accused the ODM party for rocking the ruling party and swaying its agenda . ODM party also hit back saying its leaders Raila Odinga is not in government and asked the jubilee leadership to own up on its failures.

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