Nurses threaten to demonstrate from Monday

Jan, 22nd 2021 – The Kenya National Union of Nurses Union (KNUN) says they will demonstrate on Monday, as a way of pushing for their demands to be met. The Union’s leaders say their return to work formula must be signed by the national government, as they lack faith in the county governments.

KNUN Secretary-General, Seth Panyako said, “Starting Monday, all our KNUN branches will engage in demonstrations in all the provinces of Kenya.”

They also criticized claims that the health workers’ budget, is the highest in all sectors in the country. The General Secretary at Kenya National Union of Nurses condemned the county governments for neglecting their pleas. He also added that they are mismanaging the funds.

Panyako said, “If these governors knew they would not manage the health sector, why did they hurriedly take it? Return it to the national government.”

The National Treasury has however given sh24.6 billion to county governments. This is at a time when county heads are complaining of delayed payments which have affected critical expenses which included payrolls for the healthcare workers.

However, Council of Governors (CoG) Chairperson, Wycliffe Oparanya, has dismissed the claims that county governments have revenue reserves saying that the balance is already committed to unfinished projects.

Panyako also faults CoG for failing to withdraw the reserves held at the Central Bank of Kenya saying that Governors are creating openings for corruption.

Panyako said, “The largest money in county and national government goes to corruption, they have been told to withdraw the money but they are refusing because they know that is where they are getting kickbacks.”

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