KNUT wants TSC bosses jailed

Jan, 22nd 2021 – The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) now wants the Teachers Service Commission Chief Executive Officer, and the commission’s chairperson, jailed for six months.

The union says that this is for disobeying court orders, which suspended the implementation of career progression guidelines.

KNUT also wants the court, to probe the implementation of the career progression guidelines by TSC. It further seeks suspension of any action being taken, on any applications that may have been tendered, by candidates through the TSC’s website, for positions advertised.

KNUT’s lawyer Hillary Sigei argued that “Despite being aware of a pending application for contempt, the first contemnor has continued to place advertisements and issued circulars for implementation, including applications from suitably qualified candidates through career progression guidelines to fill the vacancies created.”

In case the Union gets the orders, all teachers’ promotions taken under the contested Career Progression Guidelines (CPGs) could be affected. This means that almost 14,000 advertised promotions would be stopped as TSC said that they were purely based on CPGs.

TSC was however ordered to follow the scheme of service on promotions and set them with the CBA signed with the unions.

The judge ordered, “The court returns that the petitioner will undertake teacher promotion in accordance with the relevant provisions and schemes of service with respect to all unionisable teachers.”

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