Honduran migrants met with teargas at Guatemala border

Jan, 22nd 2021 – Honduran migrants encountered tear gas and were struck with sticks as they pushed through lines of Guatemalan soldiers in their trek to reach Mexico and seek asylum in the United States.

Faith groups and religious leaders found the violence at the border disturbing and are urging newly inaugurated U.S. President Joe Biden, who has promised to take a different approach to immigration, to steer away from hard-line policies that would make it difficult for migrants to seek asylum.

They also urged Guatemalan and Honduran leaders, to treat the thousands of Hondurans fleeing their country as a refugee crisis.

Brenda Peralta, with JPIC Familia Franciscana Unida de Guatemala, a commission that’s part of the Catholic Order of Friars Minor, said in a statement, “Confronting people fleeing violence, extortion, and corruption with more violence is inhumane.”

Catholic activist Dylan Corbett, the executive director of El Paso-based Hope Border Institute, said on Twitter that the exodus of the thousands of migrants could be the “first moral test for Biden.”

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