Ukoo Flani Mau Mau rapper turned Gospel musician, Juliani, drops his long awaited album dubbed “Materpiece”. We love this man’s music because it is witty, full of punchlines and has a strong message behind every recorded verse and chorus.

He has given us albums like “Pulpit Kwa Street“, “Exponential Potential” and “Mtaa Mentality” that had us in awe of the creativity and we love that he is doing it all for the Glory of God. He is now dropping his 4th Studio Album and we couldn’t be more excited. He has done so much with his career that he is not interested in proving a point anymore. He just wants to give out life lessons and perspectives. This is according to one of the members of his loyal fan-club known as “Juliani Jeshi

He has dropped two singles from the album. One is “Mabawa” and “Locks to my socks” of which he just recently dropped a video of just last week on Friday. Since his first single “Jesusnosis” to date, he has been consistent with his punchlines and message.

Masterpiece Lyrics Reading Event by Juliani
Credits: Juliani

He has worked with Legends like Kanjii Mbugua whom he was signed under at “Kijiji Records” and producers like Erick Musyoka whom he had a relationship with since his earlier days in Ukoo Flani Mau Mau where Musyoka just used to send beats but he didn’t have a face to the name. Their relationship has stood the test of time as Musyoka is still a producer in Juliani’s latest album that is now out.

He just had a virtual listening session yesterday where fans got to pre-sample the songs. The album is available for order and delivery for 1500 and if you are a fan you might want to grab a copy because Juliani albums are rare. We at Pearl Radio love his music and you should stick around to hear some of the tracks on our frequency. Yo, Juliani, if you are reading this, God bless you Sir.

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