Two-year anniversary of Dusit attack

Jan, 15th 2021 – Today marks two years since the Dusit terror attack that left at least 21 people dead and dozens injured.

Some of the survivors have recounted how they escaped the horrifying incident and credited the swift action by security forces. 

The Recce squad, the anti-terrorism of the Kenya Police and  General Service Unit were sent in to combat the militants after numerous distress calls.

15 hours later the attackers who were four were neutralized and hostages set free in an incident that brought back the memories of the Westgate attack in 2013.

According to investigations, the attack was planned on social media. The attackers opened a Facebook account which they used it in their planning.

The account was used to exchange ideas on the best weapon to use and how to use them in carrying out their mission.

Terrorist group al-Shabaab said they were responsible for the attack in response to the US recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

According to a senior chief aware of the investigation said, “This is a classic case showing how these terrorists can make use of social media in a way that is hard for police to execute a mission. We are aware of this trend.”

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