Chebukati rubbishes claims of BBI sabotage

IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati [Photo: Reuters]

Jan, 15th 2021 – IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati has dismissed claims that the commission is slowing down the progress of the BBI signature verification process. Chebukati said the accusations of sabotage are unfortunate and untrue.

Junet’s claims

Speaking at the jubilee headquarters yesterday, BBI secretariat co-chair Junet Mohamed faulted the IEBC for what he termed an evil act. 

BBI secretariat co-chair Junet Mohamed [Photo: Nairobi Host]

He said, “Yesterday and today nothing has been happening at Bomas of Kenya. They claim they don’t have internet. When they were verifying Ekuru Aukot’s signature’s where did they get the internet? Now when they are verifying BBI signatures, they are demanding money, network, and so on. I think this is a plan to sabotage the BBI.”

Video: BBI secretariat co-chair Junet Mohamed [Citizen TV, YouTube]

Junet says they are well prepared for the deadline given by IEBC for the completion of verification of signatures. By 30th January Junet says, that they are ready to eject the IEBC officials from office if they do not deliver their duties.

Chebukati’s response

Chebukati rubbished the claims saying, “The Commission acknowledges having experienced intermittent internet connectivity challenges on the material dates at the facility occasioned by system upgrade of the bandwidth and power outages. However, the issue was formally brought to the attention of Bomas of Kenya management for quick action and the same addressed. ”

He added that the process of verification is part of the IEBC mandate. He said, “the Commission would like to state that the allegation that the Commission is sabotaging the process is not only unfortunate but also completely false. The process of signature verification is part of the IEBC’s mandate as articulated in Article 257 of the Constitution and therefore the Commission cannot sabotage it,” 

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