US cancels its observation of Uganda elections

Jan, 14th 2021 – The United States has canceled its observation of Uganda’s presidential election. This is following denied license requests saying today’s vote would lack accountability and transparency.

Yesterday, a coalition representing hundreds of Ugandan civil society organizations said it had filed 1,900 accreditation requests, but only 10 had been granted.

Owing to this incident, the US ambassador to Uganda repeated claims that the absence of Ugandan observers will lead to a lack of confidence in the elections.

She said, “Absent the robust participation of observers, particularly Ugandan observers who are answerable to their fellow citizens, Uganda’s elections will lack the accountability, transparency, and confidence that observer missions provide.”

Don Wanyama, Museveni’s spokesman said that African Union and East African Community would sent observers but could not remember the last time they sent monitors to the United States.

Museveni has dismissed interference by foreign partners. He says that they do not understand Uganda’s strength comes from the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, the army and the economy.

Museveni said, “We therefore don’t need lectures about anything from anybody. Because there’s nothing we don’t know.

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