We have all been using What’s App or at least heard about it. But if you have a smart phone, it’s almost impossible to not be on what’s app. It has been normalized for school groups and work groups as well as friendly chats where it all started from.

However, a couple of days ago, what’s app made some updates that left the whole world paranoid. In case you didn’t know, the Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg bought out What’s app at its peak. We can definitely prove that his business mind is quite sharp to pick it up that early. He has now decided to merge Facebook and What’s App. Not by the visible features, but more subtly, by the data.

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You have probably wondered why ads of products that are so specific to you have been appearing on your timeline on Facebook. Well, this is because Facebook takes key words from your chats and interactions and brings you customized advertisements. With the sharing of your personal What’s App data and conversations, Facebook will be able to customize adds from your What’s app information.

This might sound fancy but it’s actually a security scare. In this era of hackers and stalkers, we are afraid that some of this information may actually cause more harm than good. Conversations with What’s App business accounts may mean that your conversations and data may be shared by several people and this spells PARANOIA.

Due to these revised terms that popped up on what’s app a couple of days ago, people are actually moving to Telegram. In just a few days, Telegram has been reported to hit the half a million mark. Evidently, people want their privacy and would do anything to protect it. The question is, how sure are we Telegram is fully private and if it is, how long until personal data is used for business once more?

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