ODM Leader defends President Kenyatta on rotational presidency

Jan, 12th 2021 – ODM leader Raila Odinga has defended President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sentiment, saying it is probably time for a different tribe to lead the country. Speaking yesterday at his Karen home, the former Prime Minister said that there is nothing wrong with having a rotational presidency, noting that historical challenges will be solved through the Building Bridges Initiative.

Odinga said, “In a place like in Switzerland, they have what we call rotative presidency. The presidencies move from this region to the other. In the United States if you are having a president from one region, then the vice president must come from another region.”

Odinga further said that the Building Bridges Initiative seeks to offer the Kenyan youths more opportunities especially in the leadership sector. He further told the youths, to be at the forefront in ensuring the envisioned changes are realized.

Raila defends Uhuru's call for rotational presidency - Citizentv.co.ke
ODM Leader Raila Odinga and Head of state [photo: Citizen TV]

Odinga added, “We want to deal with these issues more effectively and this cannot happen unless we change course and it’s not just a matter used in words but coming up with proper strategies to deal with these issues. So we want to pay tribute to Kenyans young and old who keep on hustling genuinely out there.”

Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga called on Kenyans to support the BBI, to bring about one system of leadership that gives every region a chance to be represented  in government.

Maina said, “Us we have gathered here with various political parties. But this thing that we are going to fight for is peace for this country you can have everything, you can have money, but without peace you cannot be able to progress.”

Njenga who seemed to criticize the hustler nation said, the youth deserve opportunities, which the BBI document is offering.

Maina in Kiswahili argued saying, “Patia kazi ambassador, patia mwingine waziri, head of parastatals, lakini si kupea mtu wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrow ni mimi nafaa kupea mtu ama kijana mwingine apee mtu mwingine. sisi tunataka opportunities so those people who are calling themselves hustlers, we are the best hustlers. We have been there.”

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