Kiambu family murder: What autopsy reveals

Jan, 12th 2021 – Autopsy conducted on Monday for the murder of five family members by hand of son in lower kabete, Kiambu County is out. Lawrence Simon Warunge, the eldest son of the family, confessed to turning on his family.

Lawrence was presented in a Kiambu court on Monday the 11th of January 2021 for hearing to have him and his girlfriend detained for 14 days. The court allowed the application by the prosecutors to allow for investigation, DNA testing and mental assessment of the suspect. On the charges being read, the young man responded with a no objection.

According to the report, the killer reserved the most anger for both the father and the son as their bodies had the most wounds. State pathologist Johansen Oduor said: “The body of the elder male had the highest number of stab wounds as well as that of the son. Both of them had their heads severed from the body.”

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He added: “The wounds in the body of the father and the son suggest that the assailant may have been passionate or angry as he committed the crime.” The report also showed that the mother and the little brother might have put up a fight before dying because they had defence wounds, broken hands bearing stab wounds, which suggest that they used their hands to shield themselves from both a blunt object and sharp object.

The chief pathologist said: “It appears the assailant found the victim unaware while he could have been asleep. He did not put up much fight in self defence.”

Nicholas Warunge, his wife, son, nephew and their farmhand had wounds in their bodies similar in measurement and depth which measured between three and four millimeters. The bodies also had blunt trauma effect, suggesting that they were hit with a blunt object apart from the stab wounds.

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Warunge’s relatives have angrily expressed their anger saying that Lawrence should be locked up and rot in hell. Brother to Warunge’s wife, Dan Njeru said that he hopes the man is convicted as quickly as he committed the crime.

He said, “I don’t think it will take much to have him fixed. He is the one who led the investigators to Mai Mahiu and showed the murder weapons. I’m sure his DNA will match with those collected on the weapons and also correlated with the deadly wounds.”

He added, “That alone should have him placed at the center of the crime. The fact that the suspect has voluntarily confessed to the crimes does not help his case.”

The deceased will be buried on Saturday at their home in Karura village in Kiambaa. The family of Kinyanjui Wambaa, the farmhand, is pleading for help to settle the mortuary bill. Wambaa is to be buried on Wednesday at Gathiga cemetery. He was a father to two.

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