Suspect in gruesome murder to be arraigned today

Jan, 11th 2021 – Lawrence Simon Warunge is expected to be arraigned today over the killing of his family members in lower kabete, Kiambu county last week. Warunge was arrested together with his girlfriend Serah Muthoni with detectives expected to present as exhibits, the weapons and other key exhibits used in the murder, that were recovered on Saturday from a pit latrine in Mai Mahiu.

The DCI said, “Also arrested to assist our officers with investigations is a lady believed to be his girlfriend, who sells goods at Biafra in Thika.”  

The 22 year old university IT student, confessed killing the five through inspiration by a psychopathic assassin Villanelle In the killing Eve British TV series. He said they executed the murder with precision and accuracy after his online search on the best way to commit the crime. 

Lawrence had been watching a series of movies and searching on the internet on a great way to commit the crimes and camouflage without being noticed.

According to an officer who heard the confession of the boy, the boy gave a chilling story to what transpired, “He says the father was hit by an electric cable as he ran away and jumped off the balcony and was indisposed further after he fractured a leg. This gave him time to catch up with him and killed him like a snake.”

He said that after murdering the five, he went to Mai Mahiu where he burnt some of his clothes and the mobile phones belonging to his parents which he had collected from the house.

According to a report, Lawrence first killed the family’s farmhand, 40 year old James Kinyanjui who lived a few meters away from the main house. He then turned off the main power switch and upon his mother, Anne Wanjiku, coming out to check, he attacked her. His mother was a nurse employed by the Kiambu County government.

He later on proceeded to killing his 13 year old brother Christian Njenga who had responded to the mother’s distress call. On the father, Nicholas Warunge Njoroge, coming down to check on the commotion, he was met by his own son with a knife in hand. He went back to his room and with nowhere else to run, he jumped out of his window.

Lawrence then followed him out and stabbed him 34 times before slitting his throat. Nicholas was a US based nurse who had arrived in the country on the 4th of December to spend the Christmas holiday with his family.

The last one to be killed was his 13 year old cousin Maxwell Njenga who was hiding under his bed. Lawrence told detectives that he stabbed the minor with a knife despite him pleading for mercy on his knees.

A post mortem on the five bodies, is also expected to be conducted today. The autopsy will be conducted at Kenyatta University Mortuary where detectives will extract further evidence for toxicology and DNA samples among other things.

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