Education officials risk losing jobs over failure to deliver furniture

Jan, 11th 2021 – Dozens of sub-county Directors of education(SCDEs) now risk losing their jobs for failing to ensure delivery of desks and chairs to government sponsored schools within the specified time frame.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha and his principle secretary Belio Kipsang last week directed all county directors of education (CDE) to ensure that 662,000 desks, lockers and chairs are made and delivered by yesterday.

According to reports, several schools are yet to receive them. SCDE’s have thus been threatened with disciplinary action if they do not meet the set requirements. 

A part of a letter from one of the CDE to his SCDEs read, “By copy of this year, you are herby reminded that disciplinary action would be taken against you individually for failure to adhere to the directive by the Cabinet Secretary for Education. You are therefore reminded that the deadline to ensure that all desks, chairs and lockers are ready and delivered to schools remains Sunday the 10th of January 2021.”

However, the SCDEs are blaming the government for giving low quotations for the desks which has failed to attract artisans. According to the CDEs and SDCEs, the government is paying sh2,500 for each desk and sh3,500 for a chair and a locker, which according to them, it is way below the market price.

According to a statement by one of the SCDEs, many artisans have turned down the offer. “Only a few artisans have volunteered to make the desks because of the low quotation. Most artisans have turned down the offer because it would be a loss to them.”

The desks were to be produced under the economic stimulus program which was meant to cushion local artisans from the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The government had set aside sh1.9 billion under the economic stimulus program for the supply of furniture to public primary schools and secondary schools worldwide.

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