Mombasa County lifts termination of doctors

KMPDU chief executive officer Daniel Yumbya [photo: Kahawa Tungu]

Jan, 8th 2020 – Mombasa county government has lifted the termination of 86 doctors who had been fired after they failed to report to work following negotiations with the medical practitioners pharmacists and dentist’s (KMPDU) council.

KMPDU chief executive officer Daniel Yumbya confirmed through a statement that the order was lifted after the officials from the KMPDU council and the county government of Mombasa held negotiations in a bid to find a resolution on the matter. Yumbia confirmed that the county government of Mombasa had given its commitment to achieving an amicable resolution of issues being raised by the affected doctors.

Yumbya said, “In the spirit of ensuring that there is uninterrupted delivery of health services, the council has through its representatives held discussions with representatives of the County Government of Mombasa who have reliably informed us that negotiations between themselves and KMPDU is well and underway and making good progress.”

He added that following the discussions it was agreed that any doctor who reports to work will not be victimized or face disciplinary action. He said, “We appeal to the affected doctors to report to work immediately. It is our expectation that the discussions shall be successful and bring a lasting solution to the current issue.”

Jeizan Faruk, Mombasa County Services Board Chief Executive Officer, had asked the doctors through a letter dated 6th January 2021, to return all the county properties in their possession.

A part of the letter read, “Following the correspondences shared between the Department of Health and the County Public Service Board on the doctors strike, the Board pursuant to Section 59 (1) (c) of the County Governments Act No. 17 of 2012, hereby conveys its decision vide Special Board meeting held on 5th January, 2021 that all the doctors who have failed, refused and/or neglected to return to work be dismissed from County Services.”

Yumbya has said that the discussions with the Mombasa government aim at ensuring that there is an immediate resolution to the matter so as to ensure timely and quality delivery of healthcare services. KMPDU acting secretary Chibanzi Mwachonda was among the 86 doctors who had been axed.  

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