Mombasa sacks doctors including KMPDU boss

Jan, 7th 2021 – Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists’ Union (KMPDU) has condemned the move taken by the County Government of Mombasa to sack 86 doctors.

Mombasa issued a statement indicating that 86 doctors have been dismissed following the failure to report to their work stations. Following the dismissal, the union has demanded the reinstatement of the doctors to their duties.

In a letter signed by Faruk Jeinaz, county secretary, Governor Joho’s administration dismissed the workers who boycotted duty. The statement read, “Following the correspondence shared between the Department of Health and the County Public Service Board on the doctors strike, the Board, pursuant to Section 59 (1) (c) of the County Governments Act number 17 of 2012, hereby conveys its decision via Special Board meeting held on January 5, 2021 that all the doctors who have failed, refused and/or neglected to return to work be dismissed from county services as provided for under Section 44 (4) (a), (c) and (e) of the Employment Act 2007 which constitute justifiable or lawful grounds for the dismissal as highlighted in the Act.”

Mwachonda said, “KMPDU demands for the immediate reinstatement of the doctors and establishment of the Constitutional Health Service Commission to standardize management of Human resources for health and bring sanity to the health sector in Kenya.”

Acting Secretary General said that all 250 doctors in Mombasa have been on strike since December 2, 2020 adding that the Return-To-Work Formula which was signed on December 2, 2020, between the KMPDU Coast branch and the County Government of Mombasa has not been honored

The County government of Mombasa directive for the dismissed doctors is to hand over all the properties belonging to the County Government to their supervisors. The county secretary said, “Update us on the progress of the dissemination of the letters, handover and staff return for each of the facilities.”

However, KMPDU coast branch secretary Dr. Abidan Mwachi has vowed to go to court. He said, “We have received the letters of dismissal but they are illegal, they are the ones who took us to court and cannot by-pass the court process. We are not scared. We will move to court to get an injunction,”

Dr. Mwachi added, “Mombasa administration has become cruel to its hospital workers and, by extension, the residents by denying them access to health. The county deducts funds from our salaries with the intention of paying banks as reimbursements for loans, insurance and policies but does not take the money there. In effect our members end up without salaries because when they are paid their monies, they are taken up by the accumulated arrears.”

The union’s Acting secretary general Chibanzi Mwachonda is among the dismissed doctors.

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