US: State of Georgia elections vote count on knife edge

Jan, 6th 2021 – Elections in the US state of Georgia that will decide control of the Senate are too close to call, amid a nail-biting ballot count. Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are neck and neck with Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

US President-elect Joe Biden’s Democrats, need to win both seats to gain full control of Congress. The Republican party of outgoing President Donald Trump needs to only win one in order to retain the Senate.

Meanwhile, voting system implementation manager for the Georgia secretary of state’s office, Gabriel Sterling, earlier encouraged voters on the importance of voting for their governance. 

Mr. Trump said, “One of the things specifically I have had to argue with people whom I have known for 20 years, they say, well we thought our election was stolen, we feel like our votes don’t count. The best thing top do is to turn out and vote and make it harder for them to steal.”

Trump added, “Throwing it away because you have some feeling that it does not matter is self destructive ultimately and a self a failing prophecy in the end. Do not let anyone discourage you, do not self suppress your own vote do not make a self failing prophecy out of doing this.”

With 98 percent of the ballots counted from Georgia’s 159 counties, all the four candidates are in a dead heat. Mr. Warnock has a thin win lead over Ms. Loeffler while Mr. Perdue is tied with Mr. Ossoff.

If both democrats are successful, Biden will have control of both houses of Congress when he gets sworn in on the 20th of January. If Mr. Warnock wins, he would be the state’s first black senator with Ossof Georgia’s first Jewish Senator.

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