Magoha warns school heads against sending learners home

Jan, 6th 2021 – Education cabinet secretary George Magoha, says that public school funds have been released. He says that the money was released on Monday and should be in banks in the next few days. He also issued a stern warning to headteachers against sending learners home, due to lack of school fees. 

Speaking at a school in Thika, the CS added that the government has disbursed 4 billion shillings, for primary schools and 14 billion shillings for secondary schools, to ensure smooth learning.

Magoha said,  “Through the intercession of his Excellency the President, even the 14.4 billion for secondary schools were released yesterday. Give us 24 to 48 hours. Let people not look for negatives. We are not sleeping, we are doing everything possible for the benefit of these children.”

He added, “If anybody is bold enough to chase a child away from school, including my greatest headteacher here, if you are bold enough to chase a child away from school because of development fee, instead of that just send me the details and we shall react and i can assure you we shall react vigorously and severely without fear.”

On the resumption of learning, the CS noted that a good percentage of students have reported to school, save from those at the coast and Northern part of the country, where the enrollment falls below 80%.

Magoha said, Going by what happened yesterday, I am extremely happy I think that without prejudice the rate of reporting, region by region, most of the regions have over than 80 percent reporting except the Coast and North eastern provinces. We are focused there together with our brothers where we are going to look for the children irrespective of the cost for not reporting. we shall firmly persuade them to come to school and they shall come to school.”

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