Clinical officers threaten to resume strike

Jan, 6th 2020 – Clinical officers are threatening to resume their strike in three days. This follows a disagreement on the January 1st 2021 return to work formula between the workers and the governors.

Kenya Union of Clinical Officers Chairperson Peterson Wachira, has alleged of intimidation and threats from the county bosses.

He noted that the governors were not being rational, noting that the national government, the health ministry and the Labour ministry sought to have a middle ground with the health workers.

Wachira said, We know that the government has good will from the president and to the CS Labour, and I really feel for especially the CS Health and CS Labour, because they are being put in a very precarious situation where they have spent a lot of energy and effort to ensure that they bring us to some compromise because the situation was really dire.”

This follows a statement by Wycliffe Oparanya Council of Governors Chairman who vowed to reject the deal that ended the strike by the clinical officers. Oparanya says that the CoG was not consulted but George Gibore, KUCO Secretary General, who issued the strike says that Oparanya is unrealistic

He said, “The Governors participated in the reconciliation process that realised the return to work for clinical officers by the multi-agency team that was set in place by the Cabinet Secretary of Labour.”

Governors disowned the return-to-work formula signed between the Ministry of Health and the health workers unions, saying they ought to have been consulted, as the county governments are employers.

Gibore notes that the governors’ letter was an acknowledgement that the health sector in the country was being mismanaged particularly at the county level. He said, “The health service in the counties is not being properly coordinated since devolution and there is need for an emergency surgery to cure the problem. CoG is living in denial that individual counties have failed in the management of the human resource for health”

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